Wifi and Internet Access Abroad

Internet access is pretty much standard these days. Everyone is connected 24/7. We pretty much live our lives on the internet. So what can you expect when you travel?

Most hotels provide internet access for their guests. Make sure you ask the front desk for the login information. The speed will vary depending on the country. Don’t count on video chatting or VOIP calls. Some hotels only offer a wired connection in the guest rooms. Ipads and other tablets are out of luck. I always carry a small travel router for these situations. A lot of hotels still charge for access.

If you travel to China, internet access will be censored. You can’t access Facebook, Twitter, CNN, and etc. Gmail is good to go. If you value your privacy, don’t connect in China. Always assume their government is reading whatever you are doing while in China. Hong Kong is the exception to this.

TP-Link TL-WR700N

For travel routers, I like the TP-Link TL-WR700N. It’s small and lightweight. The plug is folds flat into the router so that you don’t have to carry another power brick. The best thing of all, it’s rated for 100-240V. That means it will work in 110 or 220V countries. You just need a plug adapter. It’s seriously small and cost about $25. The WR702N model is slightly smaller and comes in blue. However, that has an external power brick. The WR703 model lets you plug in a broadband mobile usb stick.

Here’s the Amazon Product Link for the WR700N for about $25.

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